More About Me

Living in the Gorge

My professional background includes 22 years in buying and selling homes and land. For 7 years I have been helping people from all walks of life buy and sell real estate in the Gorge. My goal for every transaction is tohelp make it work to the best of my ability.
By chance,today I went to a property I sold 4 years ago. It was10 acres that was being sold by my client. I was bringing turkeys to be butchered at someone's house, and I did not remember where I heard of this person before, but the name rang a bell. Driving up at 6:30 am to this place was quite a surprise. In four years these people had fenced, built a home, a barn, were running a couple small businesses, and just making it their own place. It was very satisying to see how much they had done and created for themselves. It was nice to see and feel like I was a part of helping them find their home.
Best Regards,
Stephanie Huntington